“Your past is not your future”

As we walk on the path of life that we are laying out for ourselves, we sometimes get stuck in the shadows of the past. Lingering in the memory of what was. If we stay in this it can become cold and lonely, creating the illusion that we are powerless. If we are willing to understand that the past was just experience giving us information for growth. We can use the information to become a more authentic us. Creating a light filled reality in this moment, knowing the future we are creating in this moment will continue to manifest in a new and more authentic, abundant, loving way.

We are not the past we are more…. Are you willing to be new and more, what ever your situation in life is. It does not take courage to be this but, love and faith in yourself and all. Even the most difficult challenges have grace in them, do not let your fears or illusions take away your loving essence. Do not miss your opportunity to live this life embracing all that it is, not matter what may be handed to you. This is a time for growth and new. Embrace it, Create it, Love it. Not by effort but by loving surrender and willingness to move to truth and love.

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