Bask in the kindness of your loving heart. When we let go of judgment of ourselves and others, remembering we are all ordinary perfection, we can enjoy our lives without restrictions. Yes we will have challenges but, those are the stepping stones of growth not our failures. When we judge our challenges we judge ourselves, creating negativity in our lives, our bodies,and our hearts. Negativity is what we will experience. Refocus on the truth, you are still love, even when you make mistakes, this is human, love is divine, you are divine at all times.  This is the truth, so Be Love and it will over flow in your life, even when you are challenged. You choose what you create, restriction, judgement, negativity, or trust and love. You choose how you show up in your life, judgmental ,and fearful, or open, and loving.

Relax and surrender to your own loving and enjoy the warmth of life.

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