Monthly Archives: August 2010

“We’re all ordinary, which is the prior condition to God. When we see ourselves as special, we’re actually moving further away from Spirit than when we’re just ordinary.” John Roger

When we understand everyone, everything is God there is nothing but divine ordinary. There is no effort to loving, be love. Even when we find ourselves lost in desire, want, fear,or anger, love ourselves through it, these feelings are giving you information. Use the message to let go of the places you believe you are separate. Surrender to the abundance of our creations and we will experience peace and grace. It is us manifesting through different lenses in order to realize ourselves through love. Understanding it all is just different forms of us, learning to love through all of it, learning to love ourselves, bringing us to unconditional love, becoming a better co-creator.

Be the love that you are….

The only thing that is constant is change. Nothing stays the same, all of life is evolving. The question is what is your focus? Knowing you are constantly creating and evolving, do you choose the the perspective of victim or creator? You choose your experience. We are all seeking peace and love. It is here within us, it is our choice to focus on the beauty and loving in everything, but first we must see it in ourselves to see it in others.

Use everything as your reflection and you will know no separation. There is information in all of your experiences and relationships that will bring you closer to your true self, if you are willing to see it through your loving eyes. Any negativity is only a reflection of something you carry inside, use it to understand what that is and let it go, replacing it with love. 

You Choose When the Change Will Happen. Let Go and Let Love…

You are in the heart of God….

There is no alone or separation. Look around you, lean into all that surrounds you and feel the heart beat of creation. You are one with creation, tap into your love and you will experience the fullness of love in all that is here. It will spill back over you into you, lifting you from despair and aloneness you may be believing is your reality. If you are willing to listen and open your heart to what is truth and here for you now, you will find an unbelievable never ending source of support and answers. The silence has so much in it, are you willing to still your wants and receive what is waiting for you beyond what you can perceive. What we think is the answer may be only a limiting view. Relax and receive from the love that is in your presence now. Do not over look the creation here and now. It is full of answers. The loving and support is here if you are willing to receive. 

Through our inner seeing we look out on the world only knowing the reality we create. We are not sure of what is waiting for on the other side, so we begin to create from our fears and need to control, not always allowing the freedom of loving creation to come clear.

When we are in our alignment of loving for ourselves and others we will see and experience understanding and peace, as we look out into whatever reality we are stepping into. Knowing no one and nothing has power over you, your loving allows you to to create from a place of all possibilities. Understand you are doing it all, even when it appears something or someone is disturbing, step back into yourself, your own loving power and you will become centered and move through the disturbance with more grace. The disturbance is just an opportunity to explore where you are holding disturbance inside. The situation may not change but, you will. Allowing you to move into a new and more aligned creation. Allowing space for others to meet you there.  This is a constant practice. If you are willing to go deep into your loving self, exploring and healing the fears, judgements, and doubts , you will find transformation is constantly available in any situation. Transformation of you, realizing and living a more authentic you. It is all here for you to view from whatever perspective you choose. The freedom is always there to surrender to a loving view when ever you want. Look inside for love and it will over flow out and back. There is no lack in the loving only more love. Lack comes from fear, doubts, and judgment.

Choose Peace, Choose Love… 

The light of loving truth permeates through all. Nothing is solid or permanent, it all has a transformation in store. Looking at life through the knowing of transformation can give comfort and inspiration to everything. Focus yourself on your own loving and expansion and eventually all experiences will show you, you. The divine and loving you if you will allow it to. Be what and who you truly are and you will know no loss only growth. You are the divine loving co-creator of life. Embrace this with kindness and grace for yourself and others. Use everything for your expansion into your more loving self. Let the light show through you, of you, live in the truth. You can not hide from your true self, it will always find a way to be in the light, letting go of the restrictions of judgement, fear and doubts. Let go and let Love…