Through our inner seeing we look out on the world only knowing the reality we create. We are not sure of what is waiting for on the other side, so we begin to create from our fears and need to control, not always allowing the freedom of loving creation to come clear.

When we are in our alignment of loving for ourselves and others we will see and experience understanding and peace, as we look out into whatever reality we are stepping into. Knowing no one and nothing has power over you, your loving allows you to to create from a place of all possibilities. Understand you are doing it all, even when it appears something or someone is disturbing, step back into yourself, your own loving power and you will become centered and move through the disturbance with more grace. The disturbance is just an opportunity to explore where you are holding disturbance inside. The situation may not change but, you will. Allowing you to move into a new and more aligned creation. Allowing space for others to meet you there.  This is a constant practice. If you are willing to go deep into your loving self, exploring and healing the fears, judgements, and doubts , you will find transformation is constantly available in any situation. Transformation of you, realizing and living a more authentic you. It is all here for you to view from whatever perspective you choose. The freedom is always there to surrender to a loving view when ever you want. Look inside for love and it will over flow out and back. There is no lack in the loving only more love. Lack comes from fear, doubts, and judgment.

Choose Peace, Choose Love… 

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