You are in the heart of God….

There is no alone or separation. Look around you, lean into all that surrounds you and feel the heart beat of creation. You are one with creation, tap into your love and you will experience the fullness of love in all that is here. It will spill back over you into you, lifting you from despair and aloneness you may be believing is your reality. If you are willing to listen and open your heart to what is truth and here for you now, you will find an unbelievable never ending source of support and answers. The silence has so much in it, are you willing to still your wants and receive what is waiting for you beyond what you can perceive. What we think is the answer may be only a limiting view. Relax and receive from the love that is in your presence now. Do not over look the creation here and now. It is full of answers. The loving and support is here if you are willing to receive. 

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