Monthly Archives: September 2010

The whole of life is light. It may seem that the shadow is the driving force but, if you calm into your loving center you will see the base of it all is light. The shadows move in out with the wind. They are only an illusion giving texture and sensation to understand that we are the light. The fears, doubts, and wants are just shadow thoughts and feelings moving through our beings giving us information. Just love it and calm to your wholeness of love. You will see that the shadow is just that. A moment of change in perception, the core you, love is still the whole.

You are light, You are love 

The darkest of the dark and the lightest of the light.  There is peace and knowing in the center. The quite brings us a sense of ourselves that is constant and clear. This place is always here. Just breath and find the quite of your heart.

Just be, there is nothing to do, just rest in the peace and recharge from your peace and loving. This will allow all the story chatter that keeps us from our flow to fall aside and live from the center of our being.

Breath Peace…

In our experiences we can create a chrysalis of reality that holds us in the experience until we are completely transformed in our loving. Each of these experience may seem like our entire world, as if this is the only thing that is and there is no way out but, the way out is through personal exploration of the false beliefs, fears, negative creations that are present in this chrysalis of energy you have settle in. It is only here for you to safely and lovingly understand and let go of the things that keep you in this limited perspective.

Everyday and every moment is an opportunity to transform any limiting experiences into divine understanding and knowing yourself as loving co creator. You choose when you let go of the restricting reality and embrace it as a safe , free and loving place inside you.

You are love and loved, you are always supported in your loving even when you can not see it. There will be a transformational moment, be open to it and you will receive it. 


The experiences in our life are constantly informing us. We can use the information to let go of the beliefs or judgements that weigh us down. When we let go of these things, we have a true sense of ourselves and life is lighter, even when challenges appear. These challenges only appear for us to gain insight into ourselves leading us back to our more loving creations. As we can understand our creation from a perspective of a creator we understand we are just trying to move ourselves closer to our authentic selves. Nothing has power over us , we only need to learn to claim who we truly are lining up with the loving and using everything for transformation.