In our experiences we can create a chrysalis of reality that holds us in the experience until we are completely transformed in our loving. Each of these experience may seem like our entire world, as if this is the only thing that is and there is no way out but, the way out is through personal exploration of the false beliefs, fears, negative creations that are present in this chrysalis of energy you have settle in. It is only here for you to safely and lovingly understand and let go of the things that keep you in this limited perspective.

Everyday and every moment is an opportunity to transform any limiting experiences into divine understanding and knowing yourself as loving co creator. You choose when you let go of the restricting reality and embrace it as a safe , free and loving place inside you.

You are love and loved, you are always supported in your loving even when you can not see it. There will be a transformational moment, be open to it and you will receive it. 

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