Monthly Archives: October 2010

Life is ever moving. This is life. How we move through the experience is our choice.

We can choose to push through with resistance or surrender to the loving and authentic self, embracing what is for your highest good. Flowing through what appear to be blocks on our life path with understanding and willingness to see it all as information for direction, bringing you back to your loving authentic self. 

You are the loving life force… choose you…embrace you…you will always prevail..

We think what is happening or what we are seeing is the reality. There is a knowing that we all carry buried under all of the activity and worry of our lives. This knowing of our true selves as love is always available, if we are willing to see past the illusion of what seems to be running things. Our path is love and it is there whether we can see it or not.

Be patient and feel into your heart and what seems to be blocking you from your path will melt away. See what the blocks are telling you, there is a purpose in it all. See past the cold and distant, you will reveal your own loving. It is all you, look inside and it will lead you back to the warmth of your heart, lighting the way with grace and love. 

Fall in Sun Valley… October  12th through the 18thThe warmth of the sun from the summer allows the depth and color of transition into a new season and new experience. 

Expand in the change that is always reflected. See the beauty in all of it. The past is not lost, change is constant and now is the only truth. Let the true colors come through as you move through you life. There is always more in every moment. See it now, be it now, love it now.

Sessions available October 12th through the 18th.