What are we seeing? Do we really know? 

Truth is an interesting idea. When we are sure that we have the truth in a polarizes perspective we have not reached the truth. There are many more layers going on. If we are willing to step out of the ego and just see from all levels, we can lift above and see and understand from love. 

Love can be a neutral place that has the understanding of what may be playing out yet not be attached. This can bring us to change in our way of being. 

When we can understand that events and people can do loving and negative, that this is just what is. It does not have power over you it is just how they do it.

You choose to stay with it or move away looking deeper at the information it gives you.

This is not right or wrong it is just what they do. What is important is are you willing to go deeper for the information and understanding allowing your transformation. There is always more going on than what seems to be happening. 

You can trust that people do what they do, and look at what that means to you. It is not about changing them, it is about coming to your truth in the experience and what the layers of your reactions and process bring you back to. Letting go of the need to understand from a mental place, but coming aligned in your center and neutral loving, knowing that the outside does not validate you, but know your own inner light. The loving light will take over and be present on the inner levels and reflect on the outer.

This is not a burning bush letting you know you are right, you are perfect in all of your layers of emotions and thought that bring you back to your knowing. The process is perfect you are perfect. Your loving will reflect through out your day in simple moments. It is not in your bank account , it is not in your lover, it is not your car or house.

It is your loving, it is your peace, it is you…..

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