Monthly Archives: February 2011

When we are focused on situations in our lives that are challenging, we experience upset, anger, sadness, confusion,and a sense of powerlessness. All of these emotions are just fine. Do not try and stuff them they are telling you something important. Instead of believing that they need to go away, the truth is they need to experience love. 

We may have to go through something that takes our emotions up and down. As we learn to know it is safe to be honest about how we are doing and feeling, we find that we can recenter in ourselves, finding some peace and love inside. Eventually you will find peace and love overflowing back at you like a light  appearing at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel being our fears and beliefs that we are alone and powerless.

The default position can be I feel afraid, angry ,sad and alone but, I know I am loved and I am love even when I feel this way. There is no shame only growth from our experience. When we learn to embrace the truth , we have truthful relationships with ourselves and others. Do not deny yourself all of you.The truth is we all feel and are vulnerable. Love the truth. Deception just keeps coming back to you through your own game with yourself. Find your courage and love to be authentic and embrace it all. 

So try to love yourself when you feel in the darkness, reminding yourself it is temporary. Do not judge your vulnerabilities. They are human, when you love your vulnerabilities, you can be free in your love. All will soften and find its way to heal.

You are love, remember to go there and comfort yourself. You will find you move into grace from this place that you are, and as you learn to do this it will suddenly just be light.


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There is always movement, there is always change.

The water to snow, the snow to water, all nourishing. 

It all has purpose even though it may seem routine, it is always changing and always creating. Do we focus on the abundance or the lack? You choose the perspective. You choose the experience.

LL Christi

You are the tree of life. Light and love is our life force.

We do not have to seek this, it is within us. It is our true nature. When we focus on our loving that we are, we experience overflow. Healing ourselves where we separate ourselves from our true nature. As we learn that our negative thoughts and beliefs are just places we try and hold ourselves separate out of hurt or misinformation, we can heal these places and naturally bring our selves back into alignment. When we do this grace will lead our lives. Do not judge the obstacles, they are just here from our own beliefs. So do not judge yourself or anyone else for what is happening. Use all of it to deepen your loving and understanding. You can heal through your own willingness to explore and let go of old patterns or limiting beliefs.

So be your life force and live a healing, loving authentic life.

Do not be afraid of your true self, it is just love.