You are the tree of life. Light and love is our life force.

We do not have to seek this, it is within us. It is our true nature. When we focus on our loving that we are, we experience overflow. Healing ourselves where we separate ourselves from our true nature. As we learn that our negative thoughts and beliefs are just places we try and hold ourselves separate out of hurt or misinformation, we can heal these places and naturally bring our selves back into alignment. When we do this grace will lead our lives. Do not judge the obstacles, they are just here from our own beliefs. So do not judge yourself or anyone else for what is happening. Use all of it to deepen your loving and understanding. You can heal through your own willingness to explore and let go of old patterns or limiting beliefs.

So be your life force and live a healing, loving authentic life.

Do not be afraid of your true self, it is just love. 

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