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We are the inspiration.We are light, even when we perceive we are in the dark. The dark is only the shadows of our minds fears, and negative beliefs. Take your power back, step into your heart and truth. Bring light and love into these places that you hold that hold you in a limited reality. You are divine, know yourself as the divine inspiration. This is your true heritage, claim it, and be love.

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Am I the reflection or the source? What do I experience when I choose to shine my focus out side myself ? If I am the source of the light then how I experience what I am focused on is my choice.

How I experience the reflection that my light shows me is my choice. The water is peaceful or the water is lonely. The stone is graceful or the stone is in the way.

If I know that I am the water and the stone is a place in me that needs attention or love, I am at peace with all of it. I can love and keep shining my light without fear or judgment. I know if I am disturbed by what I am lighting up,I am the source of my own experience. I can choose to gently, lovingly, refocus my perspective of what I am seeing. Learning to bring my loving light back into alignment, bringing peace and grace into my focus and experience. Moving my light from one focus that disturbs me to another which reflects truth and loving. 

It is up to me what I participate in. I am the source and I am love and I choose truth, kindness, peace and love. When you do not fear your truth and who you truly are you will find trust and grace in all of your experiences. It is you the source that must trust all of your mistakes to bring you back to your loving truth. They are just showing you where you are deceiving yourself, keeping you from your true self. So embrace all of the reflections that you bring to you, use them for information. You are the source of your light. Be open to it , you are divine , focus and create from this perspective.

Be the Light that you are…