Grace is present at all times… There are shadows, they are there to show us where we hold our own shadows inside. 

As we learn to move into our trust of light and love more than the dark, we are able to see and experience the light hidden in the shadows of our fears. When we lean into the light and look for our power from there we can transform our fear based reality to a loving and light filled life. Even when there seems to be darkness it does not hold all the cards.

You are Love, You are Light, You are of Love and Light. This is where all the power that you exist from is. Can you choose this in yourself, then choose to share this in the world you are creating? Do you know or believe that you count, your love counts and can move others towards their own loving? We are all connected and we all reflect each other. Try looking for the loving reflection in others and yourself first. This small act can change your reality and mine.

The smallest of ripples can touch the hearts of many, trust in your power and be aware of where you draw it form. Love or fear.

Choose love and create a reality of truth , light and love… 

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