As we are traveling through life there are endless possibilities. Sometimes this may seem overwhelming and we experience confusion and fear.

The world is in constant flux and change, so one moment our reality seems to be one thing and in a moment it has shifted to the unknown. When we do not recognize our own life and do not know what direction to take.

Look for the light , it may show up in the most unlikely ways, not a burning bush or a star in the sky but, it is still giving direction to reconnect to your own inner light. Be open to what uplifts and gives you some clarity. Do not box yourself in with preconceived ideas of what and how that light will look when it appears. If resonates for you and is loving then listen. You will find your own voice by trusting in your own experience and choices.

Be your own guiding light leaning into all that uplifts, even if you thought it should look a certain way and it is different. 

The light is always present even in the most challenging times, so be open to it and you will know what to do. You will know peace. You will know love…

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