Monthly Archives: September 2011

Peace is always available. We are peace from our core. 

It may seem as though it is buried out of site, but it is what is holding us up to go forward to grow upward. When the ground seems hard and cold , impossible to break through to the light, remember to go quite and inward. It is all here within us. When you allow the peace within to surrender to the life you are creating you will see and experience the peace all around you. 

Trust in your own loving peace and it will seed the world you are creating.

Be true to yourself and allow this to lead you as you wake in the morning and lay down to sleep at night. Surrender to the loving peace. Be… Love… Peace…


In a moment we can be moved from nothing to all possibilities. One small shift in our willingness to see, allows the gift of knowing what is and can be, to appear. Be open to all of what is here in you and receive the loving inspiration in every whisper that drifts into your awareness. Be still , be open and you will not need to do, you only need to be and receive. Nothing is small, all is divine, all is available , are you? Be available to the love and you will be inspiration.

Be love… Be inspired…

When you encounter manipulation, you may become very aware of the story and energies someone may use in order to create what seems to be a safe place for them, yet cause a reaction of separation inside yourself. What you experience with this person may be exactly what they do but, what is more important is what you choose to do for yourself. 

If you can understand and trust that they do what they do and know you do not have to go along by stepping into their tricky and intwined energy, by first stepping into your own loving for yourself, refocus from there stepping away from the situation and finding the door to the light and love, ever expanding loving truth that you are. 

This does not come from others it comes from your own source of love and light connection. It will quickly  realign on all levels in your life as you become more willing to let go of the restricting , manipulative, and negative stories of others that trigger you into believing, that those vibrations have power over you and your true self. That is your restricting, manipulation and negative story you are putting on yourself.

Look to the love, it will always be present, choose where you spend your time inside and out. Do you focus on putting others down to feel better about yourself or do you focus on the loving that you are and choose like minded people. Do not judge the negativity, it is only giving us more practice in deepening our own power in our loving. We do not have to hang out with the negativity inside or out. We choose, choose love.

Be love, choose the reality that lifts and opens up to no boundaries , unconditional loving being met on all levels. Love yourself out of the negativity and let go of the small room of patterns you carry, that tells you that you must live there. You are much more.

You are the universe, create responsibly, engage in the things that you want to create more of, move away from the limiting beliefs and relationships that keep you in a limited reality. There are no limits only the ones you choose to put into play.

Be open, be willing , be love…