Our sense of want or lack at times is reminder that you have been focusing on the world as if it is outside of you.

Nothing is separate from you. You are the center of it all. This is not selfish, it is responsible. If you know you are creating from your own sense of self, bringing reflections of your beliefs about yourself and life to yourself , you can choose how you create by knowing yourself as love and loving. Even when things seem challenged, your core you is always there, no one else has the power or determines this. If they are judging then look and see where you may be judging yourself. Let them go and move back to your true self, be the love you are.

These negative people/ experiences may come and go in your life, the good news is when they go you have come back into your truth and loving. You will experience more abundance with grace.

Trust that you are the gift. Do not hurt yourself or others and be the love that you are. 

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