You are the center of your loving, you are the key.

When you are present in your own life from a loving view, you will show up for yourself and life will show up the same.

Be honest with yourself, what do you really know and see as important. When we are willing to explore the truth of who we are in the dance of our life here in this world, we will find it always comes back to us as love.

Are you willing to take the responsibility , you are love , can you handle that , except that , be that ? Be love without an agenda . Be love from your center of wholeness. Be love from your diviness.

There is a freedom in knowing your source is love, and you are of the source. No matter what is happening you are always one with this. It is not possible to separate from this source even when you choose to focus on your fears or upsets. This source is still here, move back into your center, your love, and you will know yourself , and be open to the grace that supports you . Love…

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