When things appear to be clouded with the dark, it can be experienced as heavy or negative. If we look through the lens of our loving heart, the true source of our life energy, we will see the dark is giving a false backdrop, which allows the light to shine even brighter. 

This is the way we come to knowing the strength of our love is our light and the dark is highlighting how we with hold our loving light. When we focus on the dark we have turned from our true source, this is only an opportunity to step into our mastership. Through this transformation process we become stable and aligned in our true selves as love. Dropping the false negative fearful chatter, and habits. 

You are the master of your perspective and responses. If you come from your center you will find the strength of the loving gives you clear passage in moving through your life. Leading from your loving will uplift you and others, allowing grace and flow to be your experience even during challenging times.

The light is always there you only have to turn back to it and claim it. 

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