How ever you like to think or speak of it, this is what we all do every day.

When we are in our minds looking for the evidence of the change, we will overlook the gift that has opened up within.

We begin to breath differently , relaxing into a trusting love. We may live in the same home, wear the same clothes, but, the experience of life and connection inside to the outer is a completely different paradigm. This is the dawn, this is the phoenix rising, this is rebirth, this is the source of you leading you from within back to your source of love. Not a love that does but one that is. With this grace you vibrate from every cell a song that creates and draws like experiences. These can be in the smallest ways yet seem to be everything, because they are coming from the divine tone of love.

Sing your hearts desire with kindness, tenderness, joy, and knowing. It is all within your alignment with the divine you and the divine. We will always be evolving as long as we are here in our human- beingness  , but as we open up to our heaven, the heaven within we can have heaven and earth here and now. The power is in your heart , it is in your love.

So rise up, awaken and be in love… 

Christi Mider

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