When we drop the protection of our fears, we will find the truth will light the way.

keep your heart open and know that standing in the loving truth is safe. Sometimes you may feel alone as you step forward but, know to keep your focus on the light and the support of the divine you and the divine that you are of will lead the way. Do not let others fear or the shadows distract you. That is only illusion.

Let the grace filled life you are here to live begin to be your reality.

Love , Health, Wealth, and Happiness are all within you and are here for you to stand in.

There are times we have to step out from the limited illusion of doubt and fear, then speak what we need and make the changes. It may seem uncomfortable at first but, keep the focus on the loving and you will know the loving support in return.

Stand in the light, Be the light, Follow the light…

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