When you decide to launch yourself away from a familiar shore, opening up to something unknown , there is a sense of purpose and clarity at first. Once you begin the journey there can come moments that you feel lost, alone and unclear. 

Just because you can not see the shore does not mean you are lost or alone. You are in the state of needing to step back into your intention , lining up with the loving out come. You only need to let the light show you your fears and let go . Following the light to the next shore. 

This shore may not be completely clear to you yet , can you trust in the unknown ?

You must constantly refocus to the light and loving truth , you will be shown the direction. You will have one answer after another come when you are ready and willing to receive. It may not be what you thought it would look like but you will know.

The water that is supporting your boat is abundant . If you choose to see it from the perspective of being alone in the dark waters that will be what it is for you. If you choose to see it as a never ending supply of possibilities and support, you will experience that. 

Learn to use your fears to understand that is where you limit and separate yourself from the overflow of loving creation you are made of. You can open your true nature back to your truth. Be open to receive the love that you are of, that you are.

Your experience here will always have its ebbs and flows, it is up to you to listen to them. Learning to refocus on the intention of love and abundance that is you and here.

Be the loving co-creator you are. You can not fail…

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