In the moment we are all things. As we meander through our life looking to the future we are deceiving ourselves. You, now , in this moment are creating. There is no need to wait to know love and happiness. There is no next , there is now. 

There is no beginning or end there is only more.

A drop of water is part of the whole. It does not hurry from the sky to get to the stream to become part of the ocean. It is always what it is and does not have to become. It is in constant movement and change without want. It relaxes and flows in the direction of its destiny. The journey may be different each time it falls to the earth from the atmosphere,  yet its destiny continues to flow and appear. The water has its own intention. What is your intention? What is your knowing? You are part of the whole, your intention, your experience reflects and creates more.

There is no finally. Embrace the now and be the whole of love that you are from and are. This ocean of love is here in all forms, be open to it in all your cells. Let go of the attempt to control through fear and separation. Get into the stream or ocean.  Do not miss yourself now, it is amazing.

When you be the love you are, you uplift even the most challenging rocky streams we may be flowing in. Letting go and relaxing to your heart will bring you to peace. You are safe. You are loved , you are love.

Live in the ocean of love. You will find what you are seeking. There is no up , down, beginning, or end. Just be love and the whole. Flowing in grace and peace.


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