We have been creating veils of story that we believe keep us safe and on purpose. These can be comforting for a time , but as we move towards our total awareness of love and truth these veils seem thin and begin to pull away. This allows more light to shine on your truth, this can feel harsh and overwhelming for a time. You may want to pull the veils back in your life to block the light that you have now experienced. Staying in the shadows may feel familiar and safe, but you will not be able to do so forever. The light is the safe and true you. You are safe in being this you, light and love. Look to it and allow it to lead you.

That light is what you are, as you allow this to lead you, you will find the path to be clear and supportive rather than blurred and overwhelming. You will know how to accept your inner light and be met the same. Do not be afraid of the brightness it is only you looking back at you.

Be the comforting love that you seek and it will shine on all of you and your choices. Know not to be afraid of the love that you are, and you will find peace.

Be the love, be the light, be peace within and overflow your creation. Be you…

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