Let Go • Let Light • Let Love


#1 – Friday, December 4th, 2015 – 6:00pm to 10:00pm
#2 and #3 Schedule times To Be Determined

We are at the place in the year where we experience transition in the calendar, finishing up what we have placed into action. Through the experience of our creation we may have had many challenges pushing us into transition. These have all been purpose-full. This is how we move through this world exploring ourselves, through change that challenges us into grace. Letting go of the things that hold us in restriction, creating the experience of separation inside and then in our life outside. This transformation is the process of loving light waking us up to our own Divine nature and is all perfectly designed. Coming into the love in our own internal discomforts, knowing how to comfort and love those places that struggle, are angry, are feeling many things that do not feel loving, brings us into a place of letting go. This opens us up to the beloved within and the Beloved we are of, as we are one. There can be no separation from the Beloved, it is the source of all. It Breathes us. The path begins to shimmer with light and welcomes us in every step, even when we stumble we are directed.

Come explore in the light and love, let go of the old design, opening your eyes to the shimmering path of Divine light that is guiding you home. You are home in the heart of the Beloved.

There will be meditation, sharing and processing.

Tuition: $450.00 (Tuition is non-refundable)
Location: Carpinteria, Ca. Address will be supplied once registered.

Please bring a Journal, and wear comfortable clothing.

Register: call 415-606-4883          Email: christi@christimider.com

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