Celebration of More Opportunity Always

Wishing  You More Love, More Knowing, More Sharing, More Joy, and More Creative Inspiration in Your Co-Creation…

We celebrate more opportunity once a year, but this is always available everyday. The collective energy of hope and a sense of  more possibilities to change, heal, correct, and create can feel intoxicating and full. This is available every day. Remember you are always in connection to this source of love, light and abundance.

While you take the time to celebrate and go within to explore what you would like to create in your life, take note of the inspired experience you are having Remember this is always available in every breath. This is you and The Beloved Celebrating the Loving that is always available. Choose to infuse everything you are bringing forward in the loving by, moving into your heart and creating your inspiration from love. You are Divine Love. Your source is Divine Love, the Beloved you are of. So go to the source to know the steps, be open to more than you can imagine, be open to more love and you will know your inspiration is supporting and leading you home.

The mind can not hold or know this infinite creative love. Be willing to be supported in the loving, to heal the places that hold a sense of lack or separation. Your Beloved Heart knows the way, knows how to hear and allow the co-creative support that is always calling you. You are Love, You are the Beloved of the Beloved.


In Loving Light ~ In Celebration of All ~ We are One ~ We are Beloveds’ of the Beloved.

Celebrate in Every Breath…You are the Celebration of the Beloved.

Happy New Year to You in Every Breath!


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