I am called to add …

One of the gifts I have found in writing or sharing with others, is to observe my freedom in the moment of what comes forward. Staying out of the mind and allowing the flow to move through me. This can be interesting as I am aware of the mind once in awhile wanting to put a costume on and make the writing or sharing look different.

When I am free in sharing it may not seem pretty or costumed in “perfection”. It is being shared in the spirit in the moment. Over thinking or editing can take the light energy down, dimming it to ego. I know I have mis-spellings and grammar that looks confusing or un caring. that has been my practice to not judge what happens, while I do correct when I see it,. I also enjoy imagining how others might judge and try it on inside my self. If I feel shame or upset I just Love that part that is so willing to be present and share from innocence in the Spirit.

The opportunity is to be present to receive and give a present of Light in the moment. I am open to keeping clear of knowing and allowing what comes through to be presented.

So I challenge you to show up in the loving trust from the heart attuning in spirit and listen. Even if it seems off, you have to take a chance and allow it to come forward. If it is loving and has an opening beyond the mind, you are in Spirit.

I move into I do not know and I am open to receive from the highest Light realm of God Available.

Keeping it simple is not so simple when the mind tries to costume.  When I write I am also being  processed in healing light those very things I am sharing.

In Love Light

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