Time to Share in Love…Freedom in Flow Workshop Series… a Few Opening Still Available for Your heart…December 1st, 2nd, & 6th…6:30pm to 10:30pm



We are in a time that is offering all of us opportunity to grow by releasing the things that bind us in retraction and separation from our Loving flow. We have all taken part in this creation in this lifetime and in our past lifetimes.

We are the beloved of God, when we know this, we are relaxed and open to sharing in a way of giving and receiving that does not control. We are in the flow of creation, not in the fight or polarity of creation.

This does not mean we do not participate. This means we use what is happening inside us  as information and growth for ourselves. How we respond to what we are seeing and experiencing in the world around us is our opportunity to move the obstacles to love that are retracting. The change you are seeking starts with in you. Trying to control from a place of right or wrong only traps the polarity and gives it more energy. The change will happen when we let go and receive at the same time. Opening our hearts to receiving, letting go of the mind chatter of shoulds. we will have the steps, the answers in the flow of the Light of love. We become the change and change happens.

How do we do this? How do we move to acceptance when we see someone or something disturbing? How can acceptance  and uplift a situation?

There is purpose in everything, nothing is permanent, how we focus ourselves, our energies is how we experience the world. To make a change outside we must free ourselves from with in and accept we are not in control but, we are in a flow. Which flow do you choose. One of fight and negativity which is actually binding, or one of freedom that brings change in Love.

Come join me in exploring, clearing and opening to more flow. When we gather in a group we reflect and uplift each other in abundance.

There will be meditation, sharing and process.

This is a series of 3 evening workshops. The flow of the series is transformational. Each layer unfolds to the next release. Be open to the flow of the series. you are loved.

There is limited space so, please pre-register.

Registration can be dome via email christi@christimider.com or phone 415-606-4883.

Details: Tuition $450 series of 3

Dates and Times

December 1st, 6:30pm to 10:30pm

December 2nd 6:30pm to 10:30pm

December 6th 6:30pm to 10:30pm

Light Always…

1 thought on “Time to Share in Love…Freedom in Flow Workshop Series… a Few Opening Still Available for Your heart…December 1st, 2nd, & 6th…6:30pm to 10:30pm

  1. Kat

    Hello Christi, Just wanted to connect to let you know I will be traveling during this time to Florida and unable to attend. Thinking of you always, in spirit, Kathleen xo

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