Divine Inspiration of Loving Light New Years Day Workshop… January 1st, 2017 Time 2:00pm to 6:00pm



Inspiration moves through us, our intention, our focus, opens the doors to our inner reality bringing us experience to play in. When we gather ourselves in the Light, we are signaling ourselves to allow a new experience to come forward in the flow of the Divine Love.
We choose where our inspriation comes from. What Light do you resonate with? One that is in want or lack. Or the Divine Infinite Light that is driving it all. When we attune within to the Light of the infinite Love, we let go of the things that we are holding onto, that keep us in a the sense of separation, mental or emotional habits including the unconscious. When we allow this Light, the Love to be our focus, we open to Divine inspiration, this can be gentle and Extra – Ordinary, yet clear we are in flow. This is an experience that brings a beingness, a knowing in peace.
 This invitation is short notice, yet I am inspired to offer this opportunity. The short notice is part of the inspiration. There is no right or wrong in how these things show up. Once again being called to gather in the light to begin the Year in the Loving Light support and flow.
There will be meditation, inspiration and clearing the way for more Grace, Love Light Creation within and out.
Date January 1st, 2017
Time : 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Tuition: $150.00
To register Please email: christi@christiMider.com
or Call: 415-606-4883
This is an intimate group and always a sacred space.
In Much Love and Gratitude 

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