Gratitude – Little Correction -Enjoy from the Heart.


I want to send a message of Gratitude to, those who have shared in vulnerability giving the Light the lead in your lives, also those who hold tight to the physical, for reminding me to look in and up, to know all is present in abundance. Infinite is beyond what the physical appears to be. This is illusions , physical is what you are creating and perceiving on your inner. How you are inside is what you put on the outer. Lack or abundance is your conversation, not the truth.

God is Infinite and there is always abundance. All things are in change. What you choose to focus on is what you see, perceive and create. You are a powerful  co-creature, Remember what you are generating in the inner, is flowing creating a field that matches it and will flow back to you in same. This is a magnetic dimension.

To go beyond this you must be willing to be with the discomforts of your inner bringing Light Love the Beloved awakening. This is a Spiritual Warrior. Surrendering of the worshiping of the polarities you hold dear to, surrendering the mental that tells you it knows. Opening to the Unknown knowing goes beyond emotions, mind and ego. The box you think means success is the very spot you will be tested in.  To know the Beloved is beyond the tangible.

So go inner and look up, follow the Light, be Love as you do this and well, experience  you in the knowing.

I am grateful for every twist and turn, as I know the Beloved is all perfectly in flow. So there is no right or wrong. If I follow the flow, I am in the perfect place at the perfect time. Change is always available and is the gift of surrender. You know nothing is permanent, nor is the thing you believed outside of you what makes you happy, valuable or successful. To know this is the journey. Joy is everywhere even when it does not turn out the way you thought it should, Love is everywhere , even in the darkest places. Light is. God is.

When you are ready you will not be able to stop the journey of God as your focus. You will know there is nothing more and you are One. To know yourself is to let go and Let God. You are Beloved.  We are One.

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