Giving and Receiving in the Flow of Light


Opening in the generosity of the Heart is awakening to the infinite Love that is Breathing all. Infused in the Light is all creation, all creation is fused in Light. The Beloved is the Source.

When we give with an open heart knowing whatever the outcome is will be perfect, we are in the Divine Light flow. When we give in demand we are in the Karmic flow. Control is one of our favorite things we do in this Karmic flow.

To open to the Divine within we are challenged to let go in Love and allow all to expand in the light. We may not understand what one person is doing, and if we have judgement, it is our opportunity to open to the healing inside and release the block of control. This opens us to the Divine Flow we are of and are.

With – holding is not in flow.. We must shut our hearts off to ourselves when we with – hold. Once again this is an opportunity to see where we are trying to control. When we notice others in with-holding and judge this we again need to look inside. We are calling this forward for our own benefit of reflection. It is all us. How we respond inside is where the gifts lie. We are in a sense of lack when we with-hold and judge.  We are judging ourselves. There is opportunity standing in that judgment and with-holding. Why are you with-holding to yourself?  It is not about the other person doing what you want. It is time to choose what is uplifting in flow. We let go of the situations that call us into separation, choose into the Loving and we are in flow. We can free ourselves and others by choosing to leave the negative behind. Live in and share with those who are lifting in Love. This is not an against choice, it is just a choice.

If we are assisting others we must be free inside. Allowing the support of the Beloved to guide us, support us and handle what others need. We can show up, offer what our gifts bring and let go. In this we are free in flow of Light. This is allowing the Beloved to be present in our presence. These offerings are free in the Blessing of love. More happens than meets the eye, when we allow ourselves to share from the Infinite Heart of God we are of.

Expanding is freedom in the Heart.

Be Love – Allow Love – Open to the Love that is present in the Presence. Giving and Receiving are one Love, all are Lifted. Let Go…



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