You Are Inspiration of Love – Workshop Date and Time – January 8th , 2018 ~ 6:30pm to 10:30pm ~ This is the 2nd in a series of 3 to start the New Year – January 1st, 2018 Time 1:00pm to 5:00pm is the 1st of the series. Sign up for all or do them as single workshops. The 3rd Date TBD. These can and will build expand in the Light continued. ( This is added to support the canceled workshop due to the Thomas Fire) Come and balance and heal in inspiration.


This workshop will continue the process of Polishing while building a foundation in flow of your  Inner Inspiration your Inner Glow –  Being an inspired Life.

We are the inspiration of Loving creation.  We know this yet, do not know this. Once again take the opportunity to awaken the places that are sleeping in the negativity to the Love that is present now. This overflows into all that is here in our world, as we are the Loving Inspiration of the Beloved, we are One in this creation.

January 1st will open the places that are sleeping while lifting in Light Love, this is what waits for you in those places.

January 8th will bring more Light into what is calling you, bringing more connection in an authentic stream of Loving inspiration, manifesting a clearer view of your Blue Print. This Blue Print is about you being the Love from with-in. Knowing the Divine is Now and how this is in every aspect of creation, therefore being a co-creator in awareness.

The 3rd in the series will anchor a flow that you have been Blue Printing. We are all in process at all times, so do not worry about grabbing anything, be open to the unfolding in design. Be open to being met as you Inspire in the light that you are.

Join me and a small group in Carpinteria for meditation and sharing in processes to open your Inner Beloved where you have forgotten. Be the Inspiration you already are. Be the Love…

To Register: call 415-606-4883 or email

Tuition $150.00 Paid by January 6th 2018

Tuition $155.00 Paid after January 6th, 2018

In Love and Light



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