I Am Loved – I Am Safe – I Am the Beloved – I Choose to Lift With-in – All Ways – Always – My Spiritual Eyes are Open…



I want to take a moment and thank those who have reached out to send kind thoughts to me. I am in Berkley staying with loving friends. I am well and have such Gratitude for all that is present.

I live in Carpinteria, Ca. where the fires are burning around the community. I chose to leave as it was very smokey, snowing ash, and the fires are moving fast.  I continue to send Light – and stay in the Healing mode with the intention of the fires to find Peace. Seeing Rain and all calming. You too can do this for all the fires and any place that needs assistance. It is not about going into against-ness it is about sending loving light, Healing light,- Peace, to these areas for the Highest good of all concerned. This is a wonderful way to live and do our part, as we are one. Send it and let it go, it knows what to do. This goes for any situation, how we are inside about it can also be healed, we are One.

I had the experience of choosing to leave the challenged situation, go to a place that could help me clear and balance my Basic self i.e. emotions, mind and body. Giving me the support to access the light with others who hold the light. I decided to do this because, as I lift and clear the more I am free inside and  I can assist others. My source is not my emotions, mind, or body, the source is the Beloved. When I attune myself to this I am able to have the altitude to open to Grace. Letting go of the fears and negativity. I will not find this in my opinion , my mind, or emotions, but I will find within myself, the self that is the Beloved calling me.  My inner life begins to flow and I am free to Love and share. This is another opportunity for me to Heal in Grace the places that have been holding onto negativity , separation and more. I grateful even in the discomfort, I know Grace is at hand.

I am already in the Grace and Grateful in Love.

This is the path I have chosen, to open to the Divine me is to Open to God. The Light work I share is here to open that door for those who choose.

This is a very challenging time for many,. Sometimes when we are challenged, we will shut off from the transformation the love that is calling us. We will feel too vulnerable and hold tight to what we feel or think. I can do this too, and have learned once I am willing to give it up, I am so supported. I have had to let go of control over and over. It can be very scary and challenging. On the other side it is awesome. What I could not see, is given the space to come forward. I had to let go of what I thought was going on or keeping me safe and more. I had let go of my fish bowl and spill out in expansion.  For me to receive I had to give- give up control, give up is not laying down, it is getting up once again. This up is another opening in God. it is expansion Seeing through new eyes, choosing the light not the conflict against-ness and more.

When I left my home and town this trip, I felt pulled to stay. I thought I was abandoning all those people in my community, I love them. The question was, should I stay in the suffering, is that love? When I left I was given  space to lift out of that reality,  see and be in a more open clear Light filled me,  I am stronger and can now hold the light for those who might want and need it. I also know there is more happening here than meets the eye. That knowing comes from the altitude of Spirit of Soul.

I am sharing this as I would like to suggest not looking directly at the story or situation you are in or experiencing, Altitude will bring the understanding of what the might be, and opening you to the Grace. The Grace is calling you through each conflict or suffering you may experience . You have a choice to give up the against-ness and open to clearing awakening in Love. This is not for the faint of heart. It is a Spiritual Warriors path. There is not win or loose, there is more Love, more Illumination.  More peace and harmony More than your mind – body and emotions can know. Though they will catch up. We are all transforming our patterns and past creations, this can be done through Grace. This is a Light action. We must be willing to Love all of our creation, not make our thoughts, our feelings, our truth, they are temporary and only reactions in the moment, the moment is over, what we tell ourselves in that moment may be what we pattern out entire life around, creating more of the same experiences , though they may look a bit different. When we let  go,  we can move to safety in Love in Light.  This is an inner experience first. Which is what we are seeking. Creating new experiences in this knowing. This Love is not about possessiveness, it is about spilling out to God or more God spilling thorough as we open we receive, the infinite love reality. All of the separation is just the illusion.

I do not know if my home will be waiting for me but, I do know my home is here now and what I am being called to is unfolding. I am so abundant inside it is overflowing. I am in expanded Loving and Gratitude.

I send you all My Love, Light and Gratitude…

Choose to step into love. We are One. Share in Love. Be vulnerable allowing love to lift and flow through. This is the Dance of God – Love it all… God is love We are Love even when we do not know it.

Much Much Love…




3 thoughts on “I Am Loved – I Am Safe – I Am the Beloved – I Choose to Lift With-in – All Ways – Always – My Spiritual Eyes are Open…

  1. Susan Forkush

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing that. Are you doing phone sessions from Berkeley? Rose is with me and it would be hard to do 2 hours. Could we just do one hour in the morning or evening?

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