We Are One – Breathe – Receive – Let Go – Give – Pause for Inner


Take a moment – Close your eyes – Breathe Deep, Receive the Air and give the air up in your relaxation.
Repeat this and as you repeat this, notice a focus of calm a wave of peace is moving through you. All is well.
Each Breath and Release is just cleansing, quenching the worry and stress.
We call in the Light as our hearts are opening we receive the Loving expansion of God. We let go of the mental, emotional and open to the Loving Light. Be present in the flow of Light that is healing each fear and worry. The stress is letting go. Be still.
We may feel emotions moving thats okay – give them up  give them Love as you allow them to flow out in Love In Light Quenching the thirst for Love that is all things.
We may see or feel or just be aware of the worries and more dropping away like a beautiful leaf from the branch of a tree. It is free and is carried away in the flow of the light, to nothing – ness from where it came. There will be vibrant new buds of Love and light filling the places that this worry or fear and more lived.
Breathe deeply receive the rain of Love and Light, it is flowing fully now, through every cell, every thought, every sensation is now being quenched, soothed filled in Peace. Be still.
Now see this Peace, this love, this light Rain, spilling out to the fires to any place you might be aware of. Let God do this, we relax and flow in a focus of Peace – Be still, seeing the soft mist powerful Light comforting the fires to peace. We hear rain, we smell rain, we feel the cool damp loving rain, we see it falling and hear it as it hits the fire sizzling out the flames. From this sizzle is a song of Love lifting in our hearts. A celebration of renewal is present. We share in gratitude for what is present and what we don’t understand. There are infinite Loving inspirations in all this that is being renewed.
Breath Deeply the Love the Light Peace Be Still you are safe -You are Loved -You are on a Journey of Love in all this creation.
I love you all
See you soon.
In Loving Peace

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