Meditation Gathering – Monday March 19th, 2018


When things become stirred  up in your life, this only means there are opportunities of transformation calling you to freedom. The answers are with-in.
Join us once a month to gather for meditation in Loving Light support. Gathering with others allows a group energy to expand, as we are all connected in the Light – the Beloved  with-in.
Regenerate your inner balance, clearing and letting go through the comfort of Light Love attunement. Tuning to the Beloved with-in aligns the inner world, which is the key to all experience This is a loving beautiful way to create comfort with-in, letting go of negativity, fear, hurt, and more, Take One Hour for realignment with-in, come with a willing heart to let go and receive.  Meditation is key to your inner balance and understanding through Love from with-in, this will walk with you all day, moment to moment. Attune to this Inner Light song and awaken to the flow of your true essence.
Take time for yourself each day, and go with-in, attune to the Loving you are, this is your song. You will sing through your day.
Donations appreciated.
1) Bring a yoga mat and blanket, as we have limited seating. 
2) Dress in comfortable clothing. 
3) Eat light before. Bring drinking water. 
4) Bring a Journal to write in after, in case you have an inspiration you want to remember.
CONTACT NUMBER:  415-606-4883 

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