2 More Days Until Christmas – Unwrapping the Gift With -In is the Christmas Giving


I find this time of year is full of Blessings.

The Blessing may show up in many ways, some that push us – push the places that are in resistance to Love. This can be challenging, as the outer world tells you that this is a time of Love, play, and joy, It is a time of Love,  play and joy, sharing and caring. Yet the inner is still experiencing negative chatter, holding of the breath, a sense of separation challenges that are surfacing while being with the ones we love.

The places we are hiding,  cannot be hidden from Spirit. So as this is season of Spirit, to stay in the Spirit of the Flow in giving and receiving, I find I am aware of the unwrapping of those places are present and that being honest and loving to those places brings the Gift of Love present in me and with others.

Always take the care and be Loving to those places in truth, open to the healing, the Grace, Tis the season of love in Grace. Honor this amazing time of the Christ presence with-in awakening –  it will offer a gift of love that may push you in a way that requires a truth of letting go of old ways and receive the Gifts of Love.

Love…Christmas…Love is the gift…Be the Love… Be the gift…Be the giver by being love clear and flowing .This is the Spirit of Christmas all year round. Give up the things that stand in the the way of love, Be honest and let them come forward to be loved and free the love that is bound in the hiding or againstness, then you know the gift is present in the presence now and always in all ways. Be the Gift of love and be willing to keep opening to more that is awaiting with-in. The overflow is an infinite source and there is abundance . Rejoice in the Light of the Christ. Love is the never ending Gift.


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