The mind is only a tool of processing. The source of creation is in the unseen, yet is in us. The One is not what we think, it is a Beingness.

Control of others or attempting to control how people see us will cause disturbance, a sense of lack and loss. All that is happening is reflection. Reflective light is in constant change. We will never understand, we will be… we will know in Being. Grace will be at hand in that experience of Being.

The mental realm is limited. Opening our Spiritual eyes is a letting go, this can be very scary to many, when we doubt our worthiness we hold onto to the illusion through control and many times judgement.

The unknown knowing is a place of freedom. We are not here to fix anything, we are Love, this love is always evolving through letting go of control and relaxing into acceptance. When this becomes a harmony infused in the Spirit, we experience freedom and that part may let go and be love.

We discover we are not what we do or say, we are Divine. to know this goes beyond the mind.

Let go of control, allow – accept and open to receive. Receive what is beyond the mind and resides in Love, which is what is breathing you.

Let Go Let God – Be willing to not know to know and BE…

Being…Now. Breathe…Repeat…

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