Expansion and Letting Go …


II want to share a new- not new awareness.

I have been on a path of awakening and I am still in that process in every breath.

The Beauty and challenge is always present to take care of ones self in the Loving and know that old ways of relating to ourself and  others will change,  taking us on a path that changes the relationship inside and the outer view changes.

I have had a wonderful shift lately. The gift of very old friend whom I spoke to frequently , stepped away from me, I know nothing of her process  I trust it is loving, but it has allowed me new awarenesses of me. Loving and being more with me in a more authentic way. I have become more aware of how I was controlling myself and even her in the way I related. Of course there are old past life patterns being cleared. That is where all that comes from.

When this happens it does not mean that there is not love. it just means that  the relationship has changed inside me and will not be the same with me. I do not know what it will look like other than it is present now in a more expanded Loving within me with me, I am more present in the Presence.

I am aware during this process, of slipping into old needs and reaching out in the midst of expansion , even though I know the person does not want that. Funny because it is just to fill a space seeking Love, like eating something when discomfort comes or even when I am very high in my Spirit Love, I will disperse it by reaching out to others. Instead  of being with me and God as One awareness. These times are opportunities to be more present n the Presence and know – Be Love is Present  No judgements on the one who wants…and does not know the is-ness is present.

I also had another relationship change but, I was the one who stepped away. I was aware of taking on their life instead of being me. This was me making me sick. My choice to step back, take care of me is out of Love. I am also aware of how we all want to control others, and when something like this happens, we may put a negative spin on it, when it is not negative, it is change. Change is about expansion in love.

Possessive love is controlling others through shoulds. Where do we do this to ourselves? Where do we believe we are responsible for how someone is feeling.  and that they should feel different, where we should be  abandoning  our self care so someone else feels better. They do not feel better because of another person, it is an inside uplifting that can only happen if they choose to open to what, they are ignoring what is truly causing their need to be filled  Pulling the outer to fill the place that is feeling lost.  We become pulled down by our over responsibility  and the other person is not served, just like eating when we are upset or off balance or even happy. We all have the coming and going on this. The comfort will be within being present with what is in the discomfort. Learning to be and open to Spirit and Healing is key to all of this.

I am so grateful for my friend who stepped away, it has opened many challenges that I have overlooked and is allowing me to clear my Karma and patterns of abandoning myself so others are okay, so I feel okay and also how I have controlled my relationships or attempted to inside me and on the outer.

I had an experience with my Mentor from years ago, he was family to me. There was a change in the Karma for me. He had always been available for my calls when I was in need of help in clearing or just a lift. This was so amazing, At one point he backed off and I was left with me. I remember being frustrated and many other emotions and thoughts. I also at some point was driven inward to find the Key in me, the surrender in to Spirit, The Beloved . The way I had been working with him was as if he had all of my answers instead of knowing it was all in me. He could hold and reflect but, I misunderstood, and was not willing to be with all parts of me and love them. I was just trying to get rid of them, not in Loving. I began to Open to my own inner Mastery of the Spirit, when I started taking responsibility for me in loving, not avoiding me. This allowed more connection with God and a letting go of Judgements in a deeper more loving surrender. I was being done or undone.  The time I spent working with him and others after that became much more profound in the loving. I was more vulnerable surrendering to God, to love. I was willing to receive without control.

I still work with people for assistance but, at some point after being given the space to go deeper to lift – surrending to Spirit and healing I had found  the place I had held him as God in me and how I do that with others. instead of knowing God in me Stepping back is key, when we have tried to put someone inside us, as if they are God to fulfill our lives. We can know this when we demand in the relationship. We all do it, it part of our experience. The awakening is a process, so we will find these places and that is okay.

We are here to have relationships, but how are we having them? I am not saying leave everyone in your life, I am saying go within and if you see you are not taking care of yourself, take a step back, to take care. Be with you, all of you, foibles and all,  allow the gift to surface with – in the support of the Divine Love.

The light work I provide is all about you being present and allowing your inner Master to awaken through healing. I do not do it for you, because I realized when my Mentor was wise and stepped back, that was his service to reflect and hold – allow Spirit to do but, I had not allowed it. I was not allowing me to surrender in and to Divine Love. It is beyond the mind and emotions.

What happens is someone who caries  high connection of Spirit Within, reflects to us what we are. If we spend time with those who can do this or are this, we will find ourselves in new ways.  We are the key in acceptance to receive yet, not avoid ourself.

Understand Spirit is always present , if we are over burdening ourselves for others we will feel lost and even find our health along with other areas more challenged. To Love and to Serve is take care of ourselves, to do this we must know ourselves. Pay attention.

Allow the Ones you love freedom, allow yourself freedom. This is not about hurting others or blaming others it is expansion, beyond possessive Love. We are infinite , it is pretty hard to contain that in one place in one way. Change is growth and freedom, it is expansion in love if you will allow yourself to explore these opportunities as they come forward.

We will find our sharing and caring much more joyful and expanded as we will be that inside.

Relationships change. That is not wrong. There is something new and expanded calling us inside, not because of another person. Open to your inner Relationship with the Divine and allow change. In Loving in Infinite possibilities .

The things that are constant are change and Love even when we think it is not present it is. Look for this in everything. Look inside and you will find that is what you are being Breathed with. The Divine love, the Breath of God is Present.


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