What’s not to love here?

Sweetness prevails in all the muddy messy parts of us.

Love it all and you will find your peace. Take a Light Bath, take time to go inner and bathe in the Loving, Light of God. Do not move away denying the messy parts, they just are there covered in the experience that seemed so real and terminal. When we clear our concsciousness and open to Love, we see the precious one standing there. The dirt is just an illusion, temporary play and will be Lifted cleared in Grace.

You are Beloved, all parts of you, even the “dirty ones”, be kind, help them to find the clear loving, without shame or blame, even if you keep trying to stay out of the mud puddle and find yourself back there, do not scold or judge, there is a gift of Love calling you. Be patient, listen and Love.

You are Beloved.

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