Calling You – Correction – Human Post…


Peace is present…

What is calling you? How are you pulled…What eyes, what part of you are you letting lead you? How do you make choices?

Glamour – Should -Flattery …and more.

How do you know if these things or more are calling you?

I am still playing in my humanness as we all are. These are some areas that can really put us in motion, launching into more shaky opportunity of learning.

We have choice, learning to be in touch with yourself in loving clarity is a journey within, of awakening. Honesty is a big part of this. This can be challenging, to be true to ones-self.

I have learned when I am scattered and unclear on my next move or my life, I am not in my center, I am being pulled by the outside world or others. When I choose from this place I find that what seems so right can easily be disillusioned. These experiences have been great expansion of learning. They are built on illusion, not in flow with-in me and God as one. Maybe my ego is stroked and that feels sooo good. That is okay, but it never does anything for me but, put me into a place of feeling controlled by someone or something, insecurity comes up to wobble and set me off on a negative road. Counting on someone or the thing I may want,  to fill me with knowing I have value,  to be happy or  am loved always gives the experience of not enough. All relationships are inside us. What is your relationship with your-self?

God is our infinite Support – Supply. – God is our inspiration…

It is wonderful to be in friendship and create expansion sharing.

I have been serving with my work for 20 years and the thing I have never stopped experiencing is the coming and going of a place inside me, that gets caught in valuing myself based on others. It gets less and less yet, it can show up with the perfect Karmic setting.

My gift is to go inside to God and awaken that flow of Light of God inspiration and from this altitude, all is free. This is a daily, moment by moment opportunity.

Take time to be clear inside, set your intentions from here aligned in Spirit. Create your life from a place of knowing what is uplifting and expanding Choose instead of waiting for others to choose for you.

Take time to know yourself in love, all of yourself, you are more than enough, you are Divine. How do you know this, by going inside, connecting and spend time learning to Love all parts, allowing all to surface, even the uncomfortable. Knowing Love is in all of it, you will keep you showing up, as you are always met in Love. Meet your inner Lover…

Peace is present, be present with yourself in loving, be you.

In Loving Service.




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