What Will Happen! ( edited )


What Will Happen  If I Don’t Doubt?!

I wanted to share a challenge of What will happen if you do not doubt.

I just was inspired as I am in a creative field where not everything looks like what one might perceive as things going my way. I was observing the joy I had when I was having the clear vision of the unknown abundance unfolding in new ways, or surprises, then I felt  -heard my inner doubter drop n. She thinks that it is not responsible to be so positive. To have an overriding vision of what seems available, to trust that more is available. To become available to be in the flow. is to keep the focus on all levels, not rigid but a focus outcome.  That is nice, but conditioning, genetic or just implanted patterns of doubt still live in this human being.

I started to be excited and play with that part, asking what will happen if I do not doubt. My answer was a silent me. Not a deadness but, I stumped my doubter. Now I can hear she is mustering up some answers, so I am ready with another question, What will happen if I do not doubt. When I ask again a discomfort arrises then calm. Then a new vision with more support appears inside, which includes more God awareness. All is present when I move to this place. Being present brings the infinite flow present in me. I am available, if my mind or emotions wonder, it is either past or future, not present. Present all is fine and my answers are clear. Doubt comes when we are attached in ways that say this will mean I am loved good, bad or a success or failure. Being present in acceptance with the flow allows the experience of expansion. Love is present.

I challenge you to play in this field of love. You already have the answers and solutions, you just need to be available.

How dare I be so confident or optimistic, well what will I loose. Nothing  is terminal, and I feel better, so I am winning already. What will happen if I do not doubt and move into abundance. I am not suggesting you do not look both ways while crossing the street but, to take a leap and expect to be met in abundance instead loss. Even if I am afraid it is okay, I just focus on the Love. Loving the fear and doubter and trusting in the going forward. I am so grateful I have done this, as the outcome has been pretty amazing most times. Even when it seems like it is not going the way I planned, there is a gift I am open to receiving and move to the abundance the flow.

So I challenge you to play in the field of Joy, Love, Abundance, Healing in Love.

What if you do not doubt? Allow the unknown to be safe and directed in a flow of trust, having a vision, knowing it might take twists and turns but, all is abundant in the walk and the birth of what the highest good outcome. Be creative and open. You will be met in ways beyond what you can imagine. Know your focus, do not leave it up to default. Though something even better may happen, you choose, so be all in your life. It is your playing field of God Love.

You are Beloved…

In Loving Service


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