We Are One


We are One…We have the ability to know ourselves as Divine through the alchemy of our disturbances, our need for separation and more. Bringing light to those places awakens the sleeping one inside.

As we heal, awaken these places, we are moved in Love and Light which is God,  we are serving the planet.

“You are not  a drop in the Ocean – you are a Drop with the Ocean in You” Rumi

Be aware when you want to shut down turn away from your self, shutting off what is calling you as an opportunity to lift in Love. We are one, does not mean you do this alone, this means we assist each other and all is done in- through God, as we are the Divine essence of God, attuning letting go letting God.  This is …The illusion that keeps us in sense of  separation and all, is the game we play in service. Love it all and be willing to show up. You will be met in ways you can not imagine as it is being done. God knows how. Allow this to awaken in you.

The planet is included,  we are One. Love it all and bring soothing light to your inner and send this in and through Spirit to all the places in disturbance for the highest good of all concerned. Walk in this loving light within,  being a healing balm of Peace.

We Are One Love.

In Loving Service


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