Have a Grace Filled Day…


BE Light of Heart -Open to Light Flow – Ride upon the light Flow – You are held in this field of God as you are One Love –  One Light- One Heart.

Where you do not know the Light will feel heavy and resist but, it is not more than the Light – it is  only a place that has opportunity to Lighten – to know expansion of Spirit in new ways.

Be willing to Let Go – Let Light- Let Love – Lift in freedom as you let go of riotousness that keeps you in seperation.

Each of us are a perfect design- foibles and all. Lifting in love and observing the places that are in hurt or against ness or more. are the places that recalling you not love.

Lighten – Let God- Let God- Move to innocence – to receive.

You are Love- you are Loved.

In Loving Service



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