Love –

Being Love is flow one connected in Sprit . This love is one that we awake to as we clear the veils of karma. It always is present, though we may not know this as we forget in this human play.

To remember, to awaken, is not an easy process but it is simple It is a Grace process, when we are letting go, we let go of control to receive beyond what we “think or emotion” what we need love to be so we  know we are Loved and belong. The places inside that do not know this Love, will react in hurt and upset as that is what is living there.. That is okay as it is another opportunity to Love more, heal more, the place that walks around in you this way all the time. It may be quite at times but, it is always waiting to be told it doesn’t belong or is not loved. This is only a place that is still in the illusion of hurt. Grace is available in Love, in Letting Go, in Forgiveness.

There is a bridge we build in us that connects our awareness of our Soul. This bridge touches the personality which does not know all is Love, this personality you wants and needs, and in the wanting, needing you may feel separated. That is okay, but what if you could open in those moments and  move to the the inner bridge and stand in  Spiritual Love and Know  all is present. This is a day to day moment to moment process. Intention of God, intention of love is one that lets go of control and knows it is in all present.

Close your eyes, move to your heart, breathe in the love and breathe out what hurts. Open your heart, breathe in the love Let go and allow the Spirit to flow in the Breath.

Move deeper inside, open you heart and relax, allow a stream of Light to flow as it streams rom the highest of heaven – through the top of your head, breath it down into your body, all the way to your feet, and as you breathe out let go and let this light flow out your feet, filling the space around you,  Repeat this and as you do this colors may show up, let that be what it is, it is for you , it is what you need. You are loved and taken care of, you do not have to know how it is being done.

Now relax into this flow and notice a bridge, a flow has expanded in you and you are on this Spiritual Bridge, all is lifted and balance begins to be present. You see and know you are Love, you are loved, and you are Beloved. You may see that what disturbed you is not real, it has no power in this place. You may love the place that forgot and lovingly forgive any thing that came up or comes up. Those are the places that just need love and forgot they are Divine.

We are all loving beings, even when we forget. Where we defend out hurt, we are shutting off our love inside to ourselves. Move to Loving that place, move to Spirit and allow Grace to illuminate. It is simple not easy and you must be willing to let go. It is beyond the mind and emotions. you must be willing to go inside to Love step in -on  the Bridge and let go.

Be Love You Already are.

Much Much Love




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