Simple Gift


Sweetness of your heart is present.  Remember when you are in your daily living and creating, be present in your heart. It is a peaceful sweet place, relaxed, there is overflow and no need. Allow your breath to move freely in you. Let love flow in you as you breathe in, be present, open your heart and be with you in Love. It is in you. Keep it simple – you are the gift, when you come to you in love, you are here in this moment, full, all is present. Receive and give in the moment of Love breathing you.

Quiet your mind with kind thoughts, loving thoughts. Let go of what is holding you in need or should, find your sweet spot inside of love. All the things that pull you away from this sweet spot are polishing  you, calling you to choose. Choose Love as your inspiration. It is easy when you are aligned in Love. All flows in Grace.

If there is resistance, love this too. Allow yourself to expand this place in Love, allow what is in restriction to step into the Light the Love and be nourished to freedom.

Happy Sunday – The Gift of Simple Flow in Love – of Love is yours – is you.

Enjoy the music here.

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