You Are Held In Love


Love – is…

Have you noticed that the more you think you are not being loved or not lovable you experience this? Have you ever noticed when you relax and move to your inner Love you begin to know Love is present?

It is simple, except when we forget and start judging, moving to lack inside, bringing the experience of lack ,as we are the key to our experience.

No one can make you know you are loved, yes being with those who are sharing love by being this is wonderful to surround yourself with. Even when you are with those people, you eventually must be with yourself, Question how is it inside you when you are with yourself?

When you encounter those who are loving but, do not live it the way you believe it should look like, do you close your own heart off because your mind has a story of what is right and wrong? How can you be in lack when Love is present? It is choice to relax and be in Love flow or decide you need to control how that Love is usable for you, do you judge and feel you are not loved. Who moved to lack?

This is all a beautiful dance of Love, where you place yourself in Lack is just information that you are still awakening to the love within. It is never about with-holding love- Love is a flow in us always present and we are this. We all have different ways of being in this world. Have you ever been in a group of people and not felt love. Even in the midst of hugs and sharing? It is not the action that proves love, Love is present. Have you ever sat next to a person or been in a room with someone and silently experienced love expanding? No need to lack? It is in you and that person may be resonating the love. Your love expands in you. It is an inside job.

Let go of the mind and emotions that keep telling you something is wrong.

Love is Free flow. No demands, no lack, overflow is present. Love yourself, breathe Love. Listen to the one who is thinking and feeling lack,  give that part love. What are you holding onto that keeps you with-holding love to yourself? Are you holding onto the time you felt hurt by someone who did not show you love, so every time someone doesn’t show love the way you want, it triggers the belief  there is no Love present.  This is a place that is still asleep, waiting for love. Love is present. Be the Love to this place. Find the process of Love that will comfort and allow this place to know love. Not know it is loved, know it is Love. This brings flow, a release of the story, Forgive the misunderstanding you have told yourself. Receiving Love in a way inside that is free and present begins to breathe you. Be The Love, flow and allow. Be kind to yourself, do not with- hold love. you can not control any of this outside you but, you can move inside and be the key of Love, where it all is anyhow.

You are Beloved.

Be the Love

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