Take Care


My journey in this Christi Body and Human BEING of 61 years  is one who has been given a playground of  a  Divine  sensitive.

This is not special ,it is an experience of self awareness and expanded awareness of the psychic surrounding happenings and vibrations. I am  also blessed with a Beautiful connection in Spirit where ease and expansion of love are all present.

I have found my life self care requires me to take space and time for myself in ways that might seem separate or as if I do not share with others. Some people may even take offense at times.

One of the challenges in this way of being, is to love myself as I am and not abandon myself so others feel okay, as I  I pay a price that no one else is aware of until you have had the experience. Most people are not aware of their own inner connection being mixed in with someone else’s.  When this abandonment happens it is not a Love flow this is a costume that is easily crumbled.

I have spent years coming to terms with how and who I am, I am still in process as we all are infinite. The one constant I know to be true is love is my intention.

To be Love in ones self, all of oneself can be a huge challenge for most. To love ourselves the way we are and not try to make anyone be what we want them to be plays into this and to know Love is freedom. I do not always know this and in those moments, those places I find more love opportunity.

This has never been about control, this is about expansion, being authentic in Love. This means vulnerability in my self when others do not like my way of being.

To stay true in love I must be honest inside, check if I am doing something that is loving in me to me and then there is overflow in sharing with others. This may not look like what others expect, but, if they are open inside to their own Love flow they will know and lift inside without a word or exchange happening.

I want to say I am doing my best to take care of myself, so I can help take care of others. What taking care of myself looks like to keep my physic awareness and sensitivity aligned in Light, may look counter to what others expect but it keeps my health and Love heart aligned in flow. This means not hugging and hanging out in the world as much as others do. I have my play on the inner and outer in subtle ways.

Acceptance of ones self without going against another is freedom.

Be Brave and Love beyond the should inside, be honest, love all parts and know we all have our own experiences and are walking a road that has many turns. Do not assume you know what is going on with another, when we get our own hurts, it is not because of another, it is how we are with ourselves.

We are all Beloved Beings walking in a playground of learning, expanding in love.

Be the Love you seek. It is overflow when you open your own inner heart to you in all ways.

Thank you for letting me share this light love Work With You.

I wish you a loving experience with Your Self in and of The Beloved Divine Flow, it is an infinite opportunity.

Some one said to me ” Once you get comfortable with being uncomfortable, you will be comfortable.” R.W.  These words always bring me back to me in Loving, allowing me to remember I am and this is not my home.

In Loving Service




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