Let God


Let go, Let God.

This is a wonderful focus, and this is a challenge for most.

We live in a field of Karma that pulls at our emotions, our minds, our bodies that seems to have all the power. To be with ourself, and  go within we are going to find a lot of chatter and more. To be willing to be with this in loving and open to a new experience takes a commitment to yourself, letting go in every retraction to love.. No one else can do it for you, but, others may be able to assist you in learning to Love. Love yourself which makes it easier to be within yourself, be quiet- let go let God.

To love all of yourself in a way that allow freedom within. Allows freedom with others. We begin to appreciate ourselves and others as they are. Each of us has our unique song, this song is Divine, of the Beloved. This song merges into the oneness the is-ness and we are free.

Then we come back in the body, and we feel the pull of the world. Karma will keep us busy with against- ness to ourselves or others. Of course others are reflecting what is an opportunity for us to love more inside. Where someone else has the ability to shake us is the very place we are not aware of  love inside. The place we still do not know or love. This is a perfect part of us that is still unaware of the Divine Love that is present within.

Let Go – let God is love expansion. To love all is a constant opportunity.

Take a deep Breath into those places you feel tight, or hurt or restricted, or shame or righteous or fear or …you put what comes up here, Breathe in and love this place, do not avoid it. Do not stuff it, allow it to be held in Love breath. allow a love conversation to reveal what you have been harboring in separation inside. You may find a release is simple or you may find it takes time, all is perfect. The veils of Karma keep us busy with believing there is a problem, a separation, that is its job. Move into Love and you will find you connect deeper inside and altitude begins to free you up in Love.

Be Kind to you and you will find more ease in your inner and then you may feel more comfortable in this world with others who you feel a challenge with. This challenge is only another polishing opportunity. This is a perfectly imperfect creation.

Love the imperfection and you will find more Grace is coming forward. Demanding just keeps you in separation from what you seek. Flow is a subtle Light filed experience , Let go Let God is Flow.

Be open to a new freedom, let go in Love.

Remember it is a road of Love opportunities …

Happy Wednesday….Click Link for song




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