Growth – Expansion – Uplift-ment


I have been looking at the Service, the Light work I share.

I am aware of great expansion in me, which brings challenges as I clear the limitations ,the separation inside.

Love is Present in all of this. The more love that is present the more challenges can come forward. How to keep my focus in this loving, not looking to see if the negativity has cleared outside of me with others  is an amazing challenge. I was listening to my Teacher talk about this. I was aware of the need to see what was going on pulled me out of the Grace field every day. This is an inside job. I can be in my love expansion and be blissed out, then move to the challenge, and be thrown again. This is a dance of Love. Not denial but, a Love strengthener. God has this and if I allow this field of love, Of Grace to lead me inside, I am being led in my life in Love. The places that do not know love go seeking to fix,  not trusting I am enough and I am worthy, are calling me. So I go back inside and love some more, and find the healing balm of Light. I also will seek assistance in these times as many can hold the light in reflection and assist in opening these places to more opportunity. of Light  It is a beautiful thing to assist people in finding their inner voice, their inner connection.

I know my work is in constant expansion in me which brings more Love more light to those who come for their own expansion. This is a never ending opportunity and I am grateful to be called to hold in this beautiful Service of love – of God.

I am always amazed how much more is available in this field of Transformation. We are the key to this expansion, we also assist each other in this. There are those who came to this as a calling or seemed assigned it. I am grateful to have them in my life. I am grateful to be one who was called / assigned.

” for Where 2 or 3 gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Mathew16:20

I am not religious but, ” I am” is all of us. We enhance.

Be present in the love within. Be present and know it already is. Be willing to expand and show yourself in vulnerability, this is a step that expands beyond, dropping the shackles of being perfect, as you are a  perfectly imperfect  human, can you love all of what is known and unknown coming forward each day?  To love yourself is the first step in Love. To love all parts, not in narcissism but, in awakening kind vulnerable Love. No demands just acceptance. This begins to resonate on every level in every cell, calling the light forward, being the light you are, awakening here in this human body experience. Transformation is in this process, or in process always.

Be the Love, come present, we are not in control, and we are love and loved. We will be met in love as we meet ourselves in love, we already know love is present. No need…I am, Is…

In Loving Service.



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