Time of Spirit…Holiday Within the Expansion. A Gift Of Love – Light Support.


A Gift of Light of Love Support

This time of year is one that can seem challenging for many. There is a contrast that occurs, as Spirit is calling us awake more as we are focused on this time of celebration of Love – of Christ – of Grace.

Many focus on the outer sharing, which is wonderful, meanwhile the pull inside can keep you feeling out of sorts. That is purposeful. It is not against you, it is for you. Your eternal strength resides n the shelter of the true self, creating space for the Christ within to move freely requires sacrifice of the separation that resides inside and demands,, any place that tells you that you are unworthy or not being met in love or more, is calling to let go into love. within the awakening. It is Inner Love Flow.

Remember this expansion is collective, each one of us are in that attune- meant. Take  this time to really go within and align, let go, and awaken to this Grace that lives within, the love field, the stream of Light Love that is present and ever expanding.

This can be a tender time, the support of this Light work is always available and present.  It is present with what is offered here  and you can carry this day to day moment to moment.

I am here to serve in Love, opening the doors for you as you let go and allow. embrace your Inner, nurture the one who is laying down in dispare or hurt in this field of Grace. You are Beloved. All of You.

“Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.”

To support this,  I remind you I offer sessions packages or you can do individual sessions. I work remotely or if you are in the area, in person.

Give a gift of support to loved ones  I am happy to coordinate this with an email Gift notification.

I wish you a Love Grace filled season and life.

In Loving Service







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