God Inspired Love Life.   Abundance…

Explore the Inner places that know this Love Flow and then the places that believe you are alone or separate. The  places that experience separations of love are the places that live in the illusion of Lack. This is not a problem this is an opportunity to awaken the love flow.

God is Infinite flow, Infinite Love, that is a big order to accept when you experience difficulties,  look out in the world and see lack and separation. What you feel inside or tell yourself is  happening inside you, not outside of you.

Open yourself  moment by moment, remembering through Love  Breath – we are One Love. When you retract or react, pause, acknowledge what you are expressing and experiencing inside. If you are in upset of some sort, acknowledge it is there. This is a place that is in some sort of sense of separation or lack. What if the challenges that bring this forward could also be the key, to your freedom your reaction is telling  you how you experience yourself. Maybe you feel unworthy, or powerless…or… This part of you is running you, it is holding this vibration / beleif in you, so you keep experiencing the same thing, the experience is inside of you., your  voice, reaction, upset etc. is inside.  What if you had the power to know you are not a victim? That you are a Divine being having a human experience. Things happen in the world we live in, it does not mean you have to experience them in a negative way inside.

Creating  flow inside allows more ease in how we are living our lives, this does not mean you will never have challenges, it does give the opportunity to  live a life of love Flow.

What if you go inside? Breathe in the love Breathe out the upset, and listen, as you  open to the love by going into this process, you may experience, expansion inside. When this happens your are more available to flow. Your intention of Love even when you do not feel like it is a great way to open to flow. You begin to move into acceptance, letting go of polarity freeing your inner flow. This allows for inspiration, harmony inside, then  it becomes a sharing of overflow without a sense of separation, lack or wrongness. This process is one that requires forgiveness and loving inside to yourself, to those places that keep telling you something is wrong or in lack. there are many facets to how this may play inside, so be willing to keep loving as these places surface. You are an infinite design. Acceptance is key to love.

This affects all parts of your life. These places in upset do not know the Infinite Flow. That is fine as that is the design of the school here, it is Inner Mystery School.

Take time to be with yourself, the inner self, do not avoid it. It may be uncomfortable, as you become aware of the discomfort, you may Breathe in The Love and Breathe out the discomfort ( repeat a needed ) . Take time with those uncomfortable places, to listen to be honest, to open to healing, through forgiveness and acceptance in Love. When you become Love to yourself you are able to love other in acceptance as is.

You are Gods Love Song, Open to this Flow. It resonates in Love.

God is Love, Live a Love Inspired Inner Life and you will experience Life through those eyes. . This is beyond romance or possessiveness. You share in overflow from gratitude and Love.  you become free in this way. You share in generosity without demand. If demand comes up, it is an opportunity to heal the place that is not avaialbe to the Love that is present.

I wanted to share this as I know inside me, I have looked outside for acknowledgement, and when I do this I tend to experience lack and unworthiness in some way, I may feel loved or abundance for a bit as many share this with me, then the place that does not know I am abundance – Love -Flow will show itself.  I go back inside and keep the loving work going, it is not a problem it is my God Love Life Inspired  path of resurrection in love. We all are infinite creation and to accept ourselves in love is key, not righteously, or forcing others to stop being themselves or stop being ourselves. As we explore  what that is ( ourself ) the meaning will change. We become more flow inside. We are Divine Love-Light. Gods Inspiration.

In Loving Inspired Abundant Light



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